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Roblox system requirements

Roblox System Requirements

Roblox can be played on all smart computers, there is some information’s about Roblox system requirements for PC, Mac, And Mobile devices.

This game is not high power you can use it in a low graphics setting, though it totally depends on the player of the game I think a normal computer or mobile user can use it easily on normal graphics don’t worry.

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Roblox minimum system requirements:

  • Operating system: This game can not be a play on Windows XP, and in 2020 Microsoft is stopping windows 7 service like windows XP so there is no chance to use this game on XP and 7.

    You can use a play on windows 8/8.1, Windows 10. If you play it on windows 8 then you will need to run Roblox desktop mode, the metro mode is currently not supported.

  • Mac: Roblox can be installed on Lion 10.7 and upper versions, and only Intel Macs.
  • Linux: unfortunately Roblox not supported on Linux, game developers can be add in the future but there are no official confirmations.
  • Chrome OS: Yes! Chrome os version 53 or above is required to install Roblox and you have to enable google play store first on your device.
  • Graphics Card: Roblox required minimum direct 9 & Shader, 2.0 model. If you want the best performance then use it in a little more upper graphics card or get AMD Radeon R7 240 2GB card.
  • Processor: Roblox officially recommended use those processors have clock speed 1.6 GHz and newer than 2006+.we don’t suggest an AMD processor because there is some issue on the AMD processor.
  • Ram: If you have al least 1gb of memory on your computer this can handle the Roblox game.
  • Storage space: Minimum Storage is 20MB need to install 😛 (It looks lol man )

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Minimum system requirements for mobile device:

  • Android: All android mobile users can enjoy Roblox games on there mobile if that has android version 4.
  • Apple ios: iPad 2 or upper, iPhone 4 or upper, and iPod touch 5th

So there are all Roblox system requirements, and when you play the game you need internet connection speed like 4-8mbps or 3g/4g network, the best is using wifi connection for better gaming performance.

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